Sunday, August 22, 2010

Venus de Milo

I'm never going to be in the band
I don't like wearing plaid
and I don't smoke anymore-
but you can stand there in the corner
blowing smoke rings
and listen to my guitar
making little rings in beer glasses
all over the porch of
this cabin surrounded
by trees.
I'm no Dylan
but at least I'm not Dylan

I've always been here
trying off and on to get your attention
then looking away the
you turn your head.
You're the one for me
I think

the one that I admire
the one that I can see myself
like that statue
missing it's arms.

I'd climb a mountain for you
and not tell you about it;
but leave a little note at
the top under
a rock
telling you
about the climb.

I will always be here
I think

sitting in the corner,
looking away
when you turn,
making little rings
in your drink-
not totally


A light went out tonight
high above a street corner at
the intersection of two roads
you've never heard of.

You didn't notice it flicker like
a winded candle
then fade;
but the city was a bit darker
just the same.

In that same moment
a flashlight
turned on underneath
a fort of pillows and sheets
and Neverland was found again.

You didn't notice the light
trickling underneath
the bedroom door
but the world was a bit brighter
just the same.