Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elephant Graveyard

When I was young, I learned that 
there is a place 
where elephants go to die.

As a boy 
I thought that this was sad;
but now, as welcome grey 
wanders around my ears,
I have realized-

I don't think that they went there
that they would expire-
but more like that man 
who climbed a very high mountain-

and they, 
to live.

Sometimes I forget why. 

Why I'm walking
clawing, and
dying for an idea that even I sometimes question.

I'm doing it to live
and that's enough for now.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Chilly Morning

Complacency flowers into compassion.

The treadmill doesn't want you and
the microwave doesn't whine so much anymore.
These things aren't pure evils.

Don't forget how to come back home.
Don't forget how to be uncomfortable.
Don't forget how to scathe,
how to ignore flirtation
and how to scorn.

Yesterdays nerves are
todays cold showers-
are tomorrows grins.

Remember the good work,
do more of it.

Remember the good coffee
drink more of it-
enjoy the bitter
shirk the sugar.

Remember the poor work.
The endless lines about the color and 
of scotch.

Remember that whiskey will always be king.
but water will always be a steady queen.

Remember that the desires of the flesh are never wrong
but aren't always right.

Remember the first time.

Remember the best of friends resemble the most pernicious viruses
cropping up
in the darkest of places 
in the most inopportune times.
Never inoculate yourself to them.

Remember that bow ties are worth the effort.

Remember to breathe
Remember to love what you do
Remember to enjoy the fall, and be always wary of

the climb.