Monday, November 30, 2015

Southern Rain

Five years ago, he was walking in the rain in southern California hoping for a good photo.
It was night time- and he had just met a girl not long before-
one that would be the undoing of his heart.

He told himself he wasn’t going to date her, that she looked too different than his normal fare.
But it became something anyway. 

Of course it did, he was him
he that did things like that
heart before head.

There was a book.

A bit of writing he’d been plowing away at for sometime, 
about the last time his heart was run through by a long

“This was different” was the thought when coming out of that bar in downtown a few nights before
her voice is different, her face is different, and her hair-
from a dark raven to a golden fleece.

He would never think clearly again.

There was this book though.

He was a painter, a sketcher, and a poet (on his drunken days)
green bottles with little Scottish ships on the label clinking underfoot of this apartment
then one day, after the raven, he began to string together thoughts longer than a paragraph,
longer than a page,
then longer than a chapter.

There was the book.

And it was good.

But it was lost when he lost himself.

Five years later-
he’s in Kentucky, away from everything
it’s raining
there’s another girl- an incredible one
a woman.

and It’s about time he tried again. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Happiness is not a warm gun
though in a moment one can sympathize.

Happiness is shared experience
moving though the world seeing it through new eyes
finding joy, in day to day
that has been day to day
for year and years.

I never saw that sign before
until I saw it through your smile
I never heard that song before
until I heard it through your heartbeat.

Speed can be a great assurance or proof
when a heart is to be trusted ahead of a head
though hidden pain is often swept under a puppy love rug.

Paranoia. Blah.

Let love combat doubt
let doubt fade into uncontrollable smiles and
a heart fluttering
like the tatters of the flag of a once sunken ship
in a soft early morning breeze
in a paradise bay.

let yourself feel love.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rounding the Bases

Rain and thunder outside of a small room
a brief tour of San Francisco comes to mind
you didn't know me then
I was just as bad at making decisions.

I'm better now...
still not perfect.

My book pile is swelling again, 
driven by flight of fancy or the insistence of new friends
just good titles
and flashy covers.

A trip to Tennessee with
someone new
rainy roads
familiar corners

and still:

My hands ache 
and bleed-
one new hobby 
a tentpole in my chest;
punches driven by
a heart full of 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I cant seem to decide if I'm wandering enough 

or too much.

If dinner out with friends will lead to seeing pain pull up just outside of the restaurant.

It would be hell on earth to see that smile, knowing that I would be the one to take it away.

I haven't slept for more than a few hours in more than four days,

anemic, exhausted.

I don't want to wander.

I want to go the airport and sit,

let the world wader by.

You don't see people you know in airports.

I'm getting smaller too, watches and shirts hanging on bone joints,

I don't see the point in eating when I can just cook. 

From all fast food, to some bread

and some water


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Letters Not Sent

I'm sorry for letting you down,

I know you can really be depressed at times
I'm really trying to understand.

You thought that there was something better out there
I get that, really
I've seen some of the sights and had a taste of
certain lives too.

But it never lasts does it?

I get that certain looks can make you forget that you have a home sometimes
that when people look at you, and you don't look back because you're afraid, or you know that it was wrong to look back


the fact that it was wrong made it exciting.

I'm going to let you in on something I've learned-
Rob told me this once, you know Rob, from the record shop?

He said that all those times you look back, well, those are just fantasies because
all you imagine is the good stuff, you never imagine the fights and the tears and the stress over bills and where to live-

but in the end, the fights and the stress,
that's still a team sport
and you need that person around or you're going to fall apart


Take a second and think back to all the bad...
Now think about all the good.

One outweighs the other, right?

"Well, that's a matter of perspective" -I can hear you saying that.

I was there most of the time, there with you when you were fighting with her,
and she was right a ton of the time, you were wrong sometimes too.

...but you loved each other. The fights would always subside.

Those fantasies would only last a few days too, a couple of weeks maybe if you didn't try and shake it immediately.

You should've had the fantasies about her.
You should've danced more.
Flowers don't hurt.

Now, I'm really writing you this letter because I got yours, and I know you're hurting, that after five years of back and forth and trying and fighting, but loving too- that after all that time it only took her a few weeks to find someone to make her forget about you.

Yup, I get that, it really stings, especially when you found the clarity you talked about on the phone, in the middle of the night. You said your brain snapped in two when you saw them together; but it's too late.

It's too late.

Live now. Sleep, laugh, keep crying (maybe cry just a little less, it's getting excessive.) Maybe you'll have another chance someday, but until then you're old news. Let her go.




Families split and never get back together.

You screwed up.


you can love yourself again. Forgive yourself.

I love you.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


There is no sleep left-
chest heaving, empty;
and cold feet.

I am alone here,

my family is gone.

I have been called "a cancer"

I have driven dark roads,
the only direction I knew,

I have reached out
and been told to move on, but also
to learn,
to grow,
to pursue
to pray
to hope, and
to wait.

My chest is empty,
there are still tears,
and cold feet.

Now there are new arms around her, and

I am alone

and Sleepless


Years ago there was a boy that lost a girl
now there is a man that lost a woman.

I'm not sure what to tell him
to console him when he is at his worst

he made the decision
he did what he thought was best

it was wonderful while it was there
feet rubbing feet when sleep was seconds away

he thought of other women,
torn apart on the inside
fantasies, never materializing
all the good
no reality
none of the bad

she said she thought he would propose
he thought he would propose
her friends thought he would too

but doubt was there

one drunken evening
she said she would never start a family
she laughed at the idea
and he's the only witness

then, a few months later,

she said that his ex was right:
that he was a cancer.

...he is not a cancer
he is not a fool
he was kind of a fool


he was fighting for clarity
he was fighting for what he thought was right
he was fighting for what his heart ached for

and now all he is fighting for
is the ability to breathe
the ability to keep the hole in his chest from sucking in the rest of his being

he is in pain
and theres nothing to do about it but walk forward
and into the clear.