Friday, December 31, 2010

Bittersweet Resignation.

missing the things
that never were,
missing the things that
could have been, the things that
should have been.

Faded photos of you
your light, floral dress clinging to the
small of your clammy back;
photos of the old car-
looking out through the frosted
windows, out onto the cloudy bay of a northern coast;
super 8 films of children that were never conceived
children that never called out your name
endlessly bounding in silent pantomimes of unfamiliar

I miss all of this,
all that I have yet to know.

You don't remember me
we have never met
but I love you.

I love your red eyes glimmering through cigarette smoke,
I love the worn, scuffed white heels you wear with everything;
I miss the way you pick at your chipped fingernails
and the look of your dog as I walked in your back door.
I miss the Polaroids on the fridge- the
golden pictures of shared drugs and 
empty cans of mexican beer
cluttered amongst the splayed out books and
precarious piles of balancing vinyl records.
I will never again hear the thump of an albums end
while you slowly undress
I remember you there, dancing in the flickering light of
fading, burnt filament

but I will never remember your name

all this was lost to me

all this was taken from me

when I chose to step back.

All I have now is the sadness,
the shudder of memory
and the sweaty panic, when woken from a dream
of your embrace-
of your voice.

I don't know you and I will never
know you;

but perhaps I am better for it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Letter to a friend.

Beggar Beggar;
learned beggar
caught in the same traps.

You've fallen a long way
if you look back 
(hindsight vision was always your strong suit)

Words will always abuse you
words will always tease you from the
inside and out.

You are a slave to this-
and you seem to enjoy it.

hear this Beggar:
you are part of a world
remember this and never let the traps 
take more than your
masochistic self

by all means,
enjoy the fall.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Don't Think About Going Far... Just Go.

There is no time to be wasted
waiting for the end of things.
The process 
was only discussed for a moment
never thought out
it was the end that was desired
as it always is-

intention to shine
without polish.


when the time is taken
and the seat is well worn 
the intent is often the clouded thing
and the sound of a warm mind coupled
with the feeling of great industry
is all that is desired

love is overrated 
when there are great things to be done.

There will never be awe
inspired by the person.
Only the scarred flesh
and the winding of words;
the story of the struggle 
and the triumph;
never the idea
the thought-
the intent
but the miles between the first step
and the grave

worn, brown leather soles
are the building blocks
of immense libraries
they are the inspiration
of fire side chills
and single tears
beside death beds;

so it should be,
and so it is,

life well lived with
pockets full of memories.