Thursday, August 13, 2009

Selections from my recent meanderings.

Ashes and steam,
a fan blows in the corner.
Flesh and discarded sheets,
cool air returns,
lungs regain composure.
Tossed hair making delicate shadows,
fingers though curls.
Tomorrow I will kiss sweetly,
tonight I have danced across coals.

What a strange sadness, to be alone in a group.
Sitting in the corner of the room, looking at friends;
their faces melding together.
All of them are people you know
but tonight common ground is lost.
Lashing out to see if they're really there
not some dream, a league of impostors
trying to lull you into relaxation;
stealing your appetizer dishes.

Late night ads;
penis vacuums.
extension pills.
Grey haired men
looking in good spirits;
increasing girth, length and longevity.
Terrifying glimpses,
such a bright future.

Cigarette smoke curls over the bed
dancing up to the ceiling;
disappearing into the black.
Sore eyes stare into the void.
Insomnia gives more time
but the notions drag, the mind simmers
and the lust strengthens.
Words dance into view,
attempting to fill misshapen blanks.
Incomplete sentences are pondered;
left in ambiguity.
Coffee brings momentary clarity
the heart flutters;
the caffeine drifts away;
A fine mess this is.


Lovely Little Lovelies said...

you have an uncanny ability to marry the tangible with the abstract.

well done.

Anonymous said...