Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dreaming of My Shady Rock

Searching a world
of advice;
throwing my arms up,
begging for clarity.
Guidance comes.
It flows uninterrupted
constantly luring me
in the wrong directions
buying and selling my
emotions on a public
Fighting to put a
dollar sign
on my sanity.
Filth is all the response
that I receive.
But as I wrap my arms about me
and begin to weep;
the air whispers:

the bones in one's head;
the skull as a whole
just underneath
moist tissue.
Always balancing
a fishbowl of brains
on your spine.
Beer, scotch and
the occasional tequila
sloshing about
the fatty mass.
Young mothers,
disgruntled ex's
and violent, pulsating music
batting it about.
Antiquated theories,
archaic practices,
and egotistical educators
trying to pry in.
You're hoping for the best
when walking down
a simple set of

Looking for gray
despising the signs of youth.
We all sit in the a hell
of assumption
I can do nothing
but wait for time
and the wind
to break me down
till I resemble
the voice I emit.
I suppose then I can
find comfort
in being pegged
out of touch.

I love the caress of changing shadows
wandering over my body
while this car drives down
a windy road.
Canyon after canyon,
a soft stream flowing beside
the hard black ground
reminding me of old movies.
I want to call this scene a wrap
and lay on the smooth stones
listening to the water
it's lazy trickle
lulling me to rest.
Then off again
out onto the open plains;
always dreaming
of my shady

I hate hearing
that men
lack the ability to love

She told me that men
think that love is cute
and useless;
that sex is the only gain
we have in mind.
We are desperately clinging
to the playtime
of our youth
the same
destructive behaviors.
Blowing up
our sisters doll
and wondering why
she's crying.

I cry.
I cry when she's
not there.
I cry when her scent
walks by
years later.
I sob when her skin isn't
against mine;
and I break down
when I'm
assumed to be stone.

I love.
I will love.
I have loved.
I've given my soul
in search of
It was
blown into shards.

and she wondered
I was crying.


Anonymous said...

"It flows uninterrupted
constantly luring me
in the wrong directions
buying and selling my
emotions on a public


#5: I almost want to say that men love harder than women. Men seem to come away from relationships that do not end well much more torn apart and changed than women do. Maybe it's because we're given permission to feel it and to cry to our girlfriends, but men are constantly battling against the societal assumption that they have to be strong and stoic.

Just a thought I thought I'd share.

Anonymous said...

Funny how society feels the need to hand out advice as though it is some kind of commodity. Never thinking of the consequenses of those who actually believe and follow. Never wondering after the fact if there are stones upon the trail to fall upon. Take your own path...then if you trip along the way you can claim the pain for your own. You can put your face to the stars and scream your victory...