Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Morning

Sharing a bed-
kids have it right;
we mucked it up.

Friendship and support,
linen forts and secret missions.

Nothing felt better than laughing,
sometimes crying;
camped out in a circle of three,
hoarding cards and ice cream.

Walks of shame were never there in the morning;
only the slip-sliding of socked feet
racing to the kitchen-

mom was making waffles.

Feelings wouldn't change when the sun came
even if you woke someone up
with a pillow to the kisser.

We adults have it wrong-
the companionship is gone;
replaced with pomp and circumstance,
lust and primeval passion.

There's no room for the dog
and the morning coffee outweighs a morning kiss.

How does it all get better?
How do we reclaim the days of innocence?
You don't, you make due-

so skip the coffee;
go for the kiss
and make waffles.

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Anonymous said...

This I adore.