Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Signs of Misuse

The cigarettes of my youth
are floating in the puddles of Los Angeles

They have long since been drained and yellowed.

Acid still creeps
and sleep never comes- no matter the pill.
It all builds against,
mocking the adult version of 
a once 'old-soul'
now just a commonplace fellow
brushing shoulders with
a world that is moving
entirely too fast.

An old clock radio clicks on,
the morning news plays
and dust dances in the first rays of the morning sun.

Books all feel old now

their pages are deteriorating
dog ears drooping ever further.

I remember when I hadn't muddied the waters
I remember tree houses floating above Siverlake
I remember,
I remember.

Orange trees crept in through security bars, glare through dirty windows
and bitter coffee; never a clean cup.

I miss the filth and unease, 
I miss the daring of it all.

I miss my legs.

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