Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunny Day

Lately I've been wandering around with the angel of death in my shadow.
I walk the sidewalk as if there was a great earthly divide to the right and left.

For this reason I question the path from time to time, waiting for my footing to give way,

and down I'll go; screaming all the way to hell.

The fear I hold is reinforced by a world of festering flesh.
I look around and see rotting fruit, being eaten by rotting faces;
a society blind to its decay, attempting to cover the stains and wrinkles with chemical salves.
I sit in corner cafes and the stench of suppurating souls overcomes me;
I vomit on the sidewalk and the world passes unaware.

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Lovely Little Lovelies said...

Unfortunately, it's not something you can easily escape, either. I consider myself to be far removed from society and mainstream influences, yet it seems as though I am surrounded by mindless drones that still cling to the notion of human progress.

Pass me the puke basin.