Monday, July 20, 2009

Thought Process

I am burdened, my mind will not be still.
Sitting in darkness, swimming in consciousness.
Sex and drugs wander about, taunting my soul,
but I do not alter my thoughts to them; and they soon fade.

The sounds of crackling tobacco and fast moving keys,
air moving between buildings and wandering cars envelop me;
filling my darkness with a feeling of awareness.
There is life outside.

Pondering the existence of life outside the windowsill,
turns to thoughts of disgust and a bitter boil.
The tranquility of my darkness is being invaded by that?
There is nothing but filth and chaos out there.

But the filth and chaos drive the writer to write!
and raunchy prose fills the mind, but there is a pause.
The sounds of cars, keys and even tobacco fades,
and the air remains. The air wills me on.

I am a piece of the chaos, as is the traffic and the
sex and the drugs. The world is underneath an unnecessary
human existence. When the senses lose the world of humanity
we are whole, connected to the earth.

Another cigarette is lit, a long drag, and a sigh.

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Chris said...

Hi Jack,

Thank you for becoming a follower of The MiniFridge. I've been reading through your blog, and your words are fascinating; a darker, more concentrated version of Billy Collins. Good luck to you.

The MiniFridge and Microwave