Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thumping dots
thumping and
thumping until a jerk
and a waiver

Blurry stars flashing across
wet windows-
endless black
endless yellow
endless red

Static and
strained ears
straining eyes
lids closing

no sleep
no rest
no energy

searching for something with
white knuckles
a single foot cramp
and a loose metallic sound
from somewhere behind- getting 
louder with every jolt from
every tar-filled crack

the heat lulls
the cold doesn't wake
the wipers are a dangling pocket watch
and there are 
too many miles to count.

1 comment:

Tracie O'braks said...

Ah the Traffic Blues... sounds like you have one hell of a hard case!

Spirits up... not everyday is filled with heavens tears.