Monday, November 22, 2010

Oakley Hall

A beauty once felt and
began to storm and
its eyes shut
to all but the
mirror mirror
in the bottom of
one and one-half ounces of 
smoked oak with
an amber haze.

Once genius-
falling fast
falling faster
questioning resolve,
questioning relevance,
questioning mortality.

Splitting, then

Unseen were the villains-
once at the dark corners of
haunting in every blink,
waiting behind bloody eyelids -
now they dance in the dripping rays
of over-saturated days.

Death of a force
unlike nature.

A waste.

The tempest worsens and
the eye eclipses the tornado;
the calm
the wind
the rain
and the lightening within 
a grey prison.

By and by,
the world grows tired and 
deaf to the false promise
of windfall,


by ordinary means
by no great struggle other than
the simple will to live-
to find relevance once more,

the mirror broke
and the beauty now rages stronger,
breeding hope.

It will outlast-
It will endure.

It will share itself with the world

1 comment:

Tracie O'braks said...

This is amazing... I really enjoyed the movement within this piece and where it took me.

These lines are perfect:

now they dance in the dripping rays
of over-saturated days.

I hope your muse continues her days unbound of reflection...