Saturday, January 21, 2012

Staring Back at the Dark.

These walls around me are so tall
but my nightmares persist;
an uneasy existence with myself remains

The streets in my head
all wander about;
knotting together 
in the wrong end of town-
but my feet stay firmly, 
in the right.

These days of endless summer,
these days of passing worry
are enough to keep my stomach
seeped in it's own blood;
it seems to clearly know,
what I've only been able to guess at.

Each moment falls away
and the rainfall gauge creeps along;
filling, and climbing towards 
nothing new,
nothing more,
nothing gained and
nothing spent.

I remember the idea of the road
the wind
the sun
the scrapes and bruises
forgetting to brush your teeth in dirty motels and
opening your eyes under the waves of a brand new coast.

Heaven exists in closed eyes
and bloody knees.

It seems my scars are fading
exactly when I want them to be raw-
pinned on medallions
of mistakes proudly made
moving towards 

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